ABFIT for the endurance athlete


Introducing ABFIT Products, the premier provider of scientifically proven, CORE focused solutions to improve an endurance athlete’s performance and help protect against injury. ABFIT offers:

  • ABTEST - A system to evaluate CORE strength and fatigue
  • Evaluation of existing training programs
  • CORE training programs to build a strong, healthy CORE
  • A proven approach to reduce low back pain and injury

ABFIT Products (Advanced Biometric Fitness Innovation Technology) has developed ABTEST, the only system that will evaluate both abdominal strength and endurance. ABTEST uses patent pending technology to measure and graph an athlete's CORE strength with an easy to administer, scientifically validated test.  Conceived and developed by internationally renowned Sports Medicine research scientist, Dr. Barry S. Brown, FACSM, the ABTEST solution is the culmination of several decades of research and practical application spawned out of the University of Arkansas' acclaimed Human Performance Lab.  An athlete's ABTEST sCORE will clearly identify those athletes in need of additional training, and give a strong indication of the effectiveness of your CORE training program.
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