Once your ABTEST is complete our team of ABFIT health performance experts can help design a personalized CORE FITNESS training program to help build a strong and healthy CORE and mitigate any future occurrence of low back pain and injury. Our experienced team can also evaluate any existing training programs and make necessary modifications to your CORE strengthening exercise regimen.

Our proprietary CORE FITNESS training programs consist of a series of strengthening exercise over a 6-week period. Our experts work with you one-on-one and monitor your progress on a weekly basis to  ensure you meet your targeted strength index score….

Our Ohr HaTorah fitness and nutrition program is tailored for women.  Contact us for more details:

Contact us for details:

Together ABTEST and our CORE FITNESS training services provide a fully integrated solution that offers

  • Accurate measurement of CORE strength and endurance to predict the risk of low back pain and injury
  • CORE training programs to build a strong, healthy CORE
  • Evaluation of existing training programs.
  • A proven approach to reduce low back pain and injury.