According to a NIH report (link to this report), 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain resulting in lost time at work and interference with life’s daily activities. Further research suggests abdominal strength is strongly related to low back pain and injury therefore a strong CORE is important to your overall fitness and well being. A strong CORE maintains and distributes force evenly between your upper and lower body allowing daily living activities to be performed effectively and without injury.

ABTEST is the only quantitative biometric system on the market today to accurately measure and evaluate individual CORE strength and endurance. Developed as a result of extensive research and clinical trials by Dr. Barry Brown (link to his bio) and his research team at the University of Arkansas, our patent-pending ABTEST system measures and graphs an individual’s abdominal strength with an easy to administer scientifically validated test.

In less than 2 minutes, a complete ABTEST diagnostic can be completed including a summarized ABTEST Personal Assessment Report. This secure online report indicates a specific individual’s CORE strength and fatigue and places them into one of five specific color-coded risk categories based on comparative gender norms.

The ABTEST strength score is classified into 1 of 5 color band ranges. The higher the score the lower the risk of low back pain or injury.




  • Measures both abdominal strength and endurance
  • Provides comparative norms by gender for sports and high-activity occupations
  • Generates a secure personal assessment report easily accessed online
  • Indicates potential risk of lower back pain and injury


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